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Affiliate Referral Program

Our affiliate referral program is incentive for you to proclaim your admiration for our work. Through this program, Tru-Scape Turf. will maintain a listing of referrals you present to us for maintenance work and in return, we will not only try to refer business to you, but we will also send you a referral fee up to 2% as thanks.

Admission into our associates program typically includes commercial and residential real estate agents and general contractors, but we also admit other applicants on a case by case basis. Tru-Scape Turf. reserves the right to admit or decline any application for any reason. Tru-Scape Turf, Inc. has no intention of colluding with any person(s) within a corporate or government purchasing capacity and intends to win bids based upon price, quality of service, and merit.

After passing an initial screening, we will contact qualified applicants with further details on the program.

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