Over the next few months we will doing our annual marketing effort in most neighborhoods around Northern Cincinnati and Southern Dayton. If you have recieved a door hanger and have any questions please do not hesitate to call us! We have recieved a few questions back via email and I would like to make sure I address them.

Q. Will the price of the mowing change after the Early Bird date on the sticker?

A. No. The date on the sticker is for your area's promotional deal only. It does not apply to the price written on the front for mowing.

Q. Is the price listed on the door hanger the actual price for my lawn?

A. Yes. My team and I scouted each neighborhood and set a price for that neighborhood based on the average lot size.

Q. What does Lawn Program mean?

A. We refer to our Fertilizer / Weed Control Program as a Lawn Program.

Q. Is there any licensing required to put chemicals onto our property?

A. Yes our company is required to register with the state's dept of agriculture, attend classes annually, and be able to pass an exam every 3 year's related directly to commercial pesticide applications. < Click here for the searchable State Database of licensed companies>

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